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Knowledge is Power - particularly in today's new economic environment!  The right kind of market research helps put you ahead of the competition, enabling you to have better information about the market and your products. Simplex Research designs studies to reveal how potential customers will BEHAVE rather than just how they SAY they will BEHAVE. Read more…


Rather than continuing to work with long term suppliers during these tough times, many companies are seeking value among smaller suppliers that have less overheard and can offer more for a lower price.

Simplex Research is purposely SMALL, we have no corporate bureaucracy, leading to low fixed costs.  We utilize strategic partners that are specialized experts and leaders in their research functions (e.g., Data Processing, Recruiting). With only a few full time employees, we are nimble, agile and adaptive to each specific customer’s needs.  Our savings are passed along to our customers while still delivering the highest quality product. Simplex Research offers the breadth and depth of a traditional full-service market research firm. Read more…