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Lisa Harrison

nada baiz    Lisa Harrison
   Executive Partner  




Lisa has been in the Qualitative Market Research field for more than 12 years. Her experience ranges from account planning at Los Angeles-based agencies D’Arcy (DMB&B) and Suissa Miller, to in-house research for an international software company, to independent research for a firm in Atlanta.

Lisa specializes in a variety of qualitative techniques including: 

  • Focus group moderation
  • Standard usability testing for web/software/devices
  • In-home usability experience testing
  • In-depth interviewing
  • Executive telephone interviewing
  • Interviewing Children  

She has extensive experience in a variety of industries, including: computing/telecommunications, financial, automotive and general consumer products.  She has conducted groups consisting of a wide range of individuals, such as children, parents, business owners, car enthusiasts, private banking clients, different ethnic groups, seniors and various other categories.

Lisa’s moderating style is friendly and personable—allowing respondents to feel comfortable revealing their true thoughts and feelings.  She adds an element of fun to many groups, and is able to get even the most reserved respondent motivated and excited about projective techniques.  Lisa gets beneath the surface helping clients understand not just what people are saying, but why they are saying it.

Lisa has a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interpersonal and Public Communications and Advertising from Central Michigan University.