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Nada Baiz

nada baiz     Nada Baiz
   Executive Partner  



Nada has 13+ years of marketing research and brand strategy experience both on the supplier and client side. She has a strong quantitative and qualitative (including moderating) background with both traditional and non-traditional approaches. She is skilled at conducting non-traditional qualitative research with enhanced ethnographic methods to uncover hidden connections.

In addition to her qualitative experience, Nada has a strong quantitative background and excels at conducting segmentation and brand strategy/positioning studies. She is well-versed in advanced analytical techniques including regression, cluster analysis, factor analysis and ANOVA.

Nada has experience both on the research supplier side and on the client side, making her uniquely skilled at understanding the client prospective while knowing how to meet the research objectives in an efficient and insightful manner. In addition to her consumer research experience, she was B2B experience, having been an executive director for a leading B2B research firm. Nada is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where she earned a Masters of Business Administration.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Brand Strategy/Segmentation
  • Product Development / Product Design
  • Gen Y market expert with ARF speaking engagements
  • "Green” / Environmentally friendly topics
  • Automotive and Manufacturing